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09 December 2021

APPA Code of Conduct Course Badge

APPA members who have successfully completed APPA's Code of Conduct Training Course will soon be receiving the new APPA Code of Conduct Course Badge to add to their email signatures and websites (if all company employees have completed the training).

Next week, APPA will email the specially-designed badge to all members who have already completed the course. The purpose of the badge is to highlight to your clients your professionalism and commitment to the industry, while also encouraging members who have not yet completed the course to jump online and prioritise its completion.

APPA will be updating the Code of Conduct Course and the accompanying badge every year from 2022. More information regarding the revised course will be available in the latter half of 2022.

APPA members who are yet to complete the Code of Conduct Course can take the course here.

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